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Eurovision 2013: Making Your Mind Up, Again (Part 6)

It’s the final countdown! (cue synth line). Rehearsals for next week’s semi-final are already underway in Malmo, and all that’s left to cover for this year’s Eurovision are the countries that have already made the final. Before we take a look at those, let’s take one last look at a nul-points entry. Our final nul-pointer is Switzerland’s entry from 2004, “Celebrate!”

It’s as though when asked if they needed to rehearse things, Switzerland just said “nah, we’ll figure it out once we’re up there”.

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Eurovision 2013: Making Your Mind Up, Again (Part 5)

Another week, another set of entries – and we’re almost done!  Today we cover the last of the second semi-final, occuring May 16.  But first, another terrible, horrible, no good entry that got a grand total of 0 points.  This week, the UK’s only nul points, Jemini’s “Cry Baby”

Apparently there was no budget for stagewear in 2003 – I had to check multiple videos of this song to make sure I hadn’t found rehearsal footage given how casual these guys are dressed.  Outside of that, this isn’t _that_ bad of an entry – the vocals seem a little off key, but I could easily see this song being submitted today without issue.  On to the last crop of this year’s semifinalists:

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Eurovision 2013: Making Your Mind Up, Again (Part 4)

And we’re back!  Slightly later than usual (because SOMEONE forgot to queue this post to go up this morning.  That someone was me, guys.  I’m fallible.)  Time for 6 more of this year’s Eurovision songs!  Will they be good?  Will they be bad?  Who knows?

Since we’re starting with Finland today, let’s start with Finland today.  The Finns placed last in 1982 with “Nuku Pommiin”, which literally means “oversleep the bomb”.  As in nuclear bomb.  Let’s watch and find out how much of a nuclear bomb this performance was…

It’s honestly not as bad as I expected, but everything about this video is sooooo 80s.  Perhaps a bit too “rock” for the Eurovision audience?  Onto this year’s competitors.

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Eurovision 2013: Making Your Mind Up, Again (Part 3)

We’re back with the third installment of our Eurovision coverage! Today we cover the final 3 songs from the first semifinal and start looking at the second semifinal. But first, more examples of What Not To Do At Eurovision. So far we’ve looked at the 0 point performances of Norway and the Czech Republic. Now let’s look at the song voted “most deserving of 0 points” in a poll of nul point entries, Austria’s “Lisa Mona Lisa”. For reference’s sake, this is from the year that Celine Dion won Eurovision (related note: Celine Dion won Eurovision)

Two people, in hilariously oversized suits, singing a song poorly. I don’t even have the words for this one. On to this year’s competitors!

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Eurovision 2013: Making Your Mind Up, Again (Part 2)

Another week, another set of songs! This week we have six more contenders from the first semifinal, taking place May 12 in Malmo, Sweden. But it wouldn’t be time to look at what Europe’s sending without a look back at a past entry that…didn’t rise to the challenge. We looked at the latest nul points last time – now let’s look at the first: Norway’s “Mil Etter Mil” from 1978.

It’s not as obviously bad as last week’s horrendous entry. It’s a little overdone, and the styling is pure 70s, but it’s nowhere near our superhero singer last week.

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Track of the Day: Jessie Ware, “Imagine it Was Us”

I feel like I’ve been waiting to share this song forever, but I’ve been waiting for a version that wasn’t earmarked with BBC Radio’s audio watermark.  Here it is.

The song added for the US version of Jessie Ware’s Devotion is absolutely stunning – it’s way more dancefloor-ready than anything off that album, but still feels of a piece with her past work.  If this the direction she’s going in the future, consider me completely on board.

Eurovision 2013: Making Your Mind Up, Again (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again!  All of Europe’s sending delegates to pick a new leader…in 3-minute pop songs.  No white smoke here, just televoting.

As usual, I’ve enlisted the help of my friend and fellow Eurovision fan, Dan Robertson, to review what we’re in for this year and give our predictions as to what’s going to make it this year.

But before we get to the first 7 songs, let’s take a look at what hasn’t worked in years past.  Last year during my coverage, I covered famous winners.  This year, it’s time for a crash course in what not to do – all of the featured old entries scored nul poin (zero points) in their appearances.  And what better way to start than the most recent entry, The Czech Republic and Gipsy.cz with “Aven Romale”:

Oof.  It’s a song…it’s a rap…it’s…not in the finals.  Or getting any points at all.  On to the first 7 of this year’s crop after the jump!

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Track(s) of the Day: Vampire Weekend, “Diane Young” & “Step”

Vampire Weekend’s got something big brewing for their third LP, Modern Vampires of the City, if the first (double A-side) single is any indication.  It’s really exciting to see a group that’s grown like Vampire Weekend – “Step” feels close to the sound the band’s been playing with since their debut, but sounds completely different when placed next to it.  “Diane Young” takes a more experimental bent, but it’s currently been on a loop for me all week.  May 6 can’t come fast enough.

Track of the Day: “Dancing to the Beat”

If the ad that played during Kevin Hart’s episode of SNL is any indication, Daft Punk have something in the works for this year, and it’s going to be huge.  From the 15-second snippet we got, we’re getting something that’s potentially Discovery II, and I’d…kind of love that.

This track, however, is not Daft Punk.  This is a (pretty awesome) remix someone made of that 15 seconds.  Internet, I love you, but you’re kind of weird sometimes.

Track of the Day: Little Boots, “Motorway”

I’m in transit to NYC today (not for any super cool reason, mind you – to completely get my puzzle nerd on and go solve crosswords at the ACPT), so today’s track is particularly apt.  While I didn’t get super excited by Little Boots’ debut album (outside of a remix of “New in Town” by Fred Falke), this first taste of her upcoming Nocturnes shows promise.  She’s mentioned she wanted to bring some warmth back to the dancefloor, and I think this track has that in spades.  I’d love to see that new album (out in May) contain more of stuff like this.